Saturday, 16 January 2016

21 must­-watch trailers from Paris Games Week 2015

So, we’ve just wrapped up the Paris Games Week 2015 PlayStation Press Conference. If you were watching our livestream, you’ll have seen a host of exciting new titles unveiled, alongside new trailers and gameplay footage from a number previously announced games.

    For those of you who didn’t catch it, here’s a quick summary of everything that you missed. Click through to read more information and see the trailers:
    1. Detroit: Your very first look at the stunning new PS4 exclusive from Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls studio Quantic Dream. 
    2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Naughty Dog took to the stage to detail its plans for Uncharted 4’s multiplayer component. 
    3. Gran Turismo Sports: Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi unveils the first PS4 entry in the iconic PlayStation racing franchise. 
    4. Tekken 7: On a great night for fighting fans, Katushiro Harada announced a keenly­awaited new entry in the long running series. 
    5. Street Fighter V: Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono reveals a new addition to the roster and a release date for the upcoming PS4 sequel. 
    6. Dreams: Media Molecule followed through on its E3 promise to delve into the details of its tantalising new PS4 game with a fascinating on­stage gameplay demonstration.
    7. Until Dawn: A Rush of Blood: Just one of a number of big PlayStation VR titles on show, the team behind the hit PS4 horror take the wraps off its upcoming ghost train arcade shooter, set in the Until Dawn universe.
    8. Robinson: The Journey: Crysis studio Crytek presents its own VR project; an immersive adventure set on a mysterious – and treacherous – alien planet.
    9. MatterFall: Resogun studio Housemarque returns in glorious fashion, with a brand new action title for PS4.
    10. Driveclub Bikes: Surprise! Evolution Studios unveils a brand new superbike expansion for its hit racer – and it’s available right now on PlayStation Store. 
    11. WiLD: At Gamescom 2014 you got your first glimpse of WiLD – a PS4 exclusive from Wild Sheep, the new team started by Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel. And at PGW this year, Michel debuted gameplay footage for the first time.
    12. No Man’s Sky: Hello Games’ feverishly anticipated space exploration epic now has a release date – and a fantastic new trailer.
    13. Boundless: And if exploring enormous open worlds is your thing, this hugely ambitious project from Wonderstruck is another one to keep an eye on.
    14. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League: Guerrilla Cambridge showcases a brand new stage from its breathlessly exciting new VR team shooter.
    15. Horizon Zero Dawn: And parent studio Guerrilla Games talks us through a new chunk of gameplay from its open word adventure, following a great reception at E3.
    16. Avicii: Vector: The superstar EDM icon used our stage at Paris Games Week to unveil his first foray into videogames, with an fresh new take on the music game genre. Check it out.
    17. Ratchet & Clank: Time for a new trailer for Insomniac Games’ return to its platforming series’ roots ­ and what a feast for the eyes it is.
    18. Gravity Rush 2: It was an absolute pleasure to see creator Toyama­san debut new gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel to Kat’s memorable 2012 adventure.
    19. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Your first look at The Giant map in this year’s ever­popular Zombies mode.
    20. Star Wars: Battlefront: Is it possible to be any more excited for this game. As it turns out, yes. Check out the magnificent new trailer that debuted at PGW.
    21. Battleborn: PlayStation gamers will be the first to gain access to the upcoming beta for the new shooter from the team behind Borderlands. Whet your appetite with a new trailer.
    As above, check out the individual guest posts for more detail and exclusive video. Beyond that, keep your eyes on PlayStation Blog over the coming days for posts on additional titles you might have glimpsed during the livestream, including Battlezone and Megaton Rainfall, alongside updates on upcoming digital exclusives, Shadow of the Beast and Alienation.

    Monday, 16 November 2015

    Snapchat Tips and Tricks

    Hey! You! Include Thrillist Snapchat! Our handle is THRILLIST. (Duh.) Happy snapping!

    So you downloaded Snapchat. Issue is, you don't realize what the heck to do with it. It sort of alarms you, really. Be that as it may, you've decided and there's no about-facing. You are going to overcome your reasons for alarm. You are going to end up not-terrible at Snapchat.

    Also, I am going to guide you. Here are 18 tips, traps, and systems to offer Snapchat newcomers some assistance with getting the most out of this insane new application all the cool youngsters are utilizing.

    Be that as it may, to start with, check for redesigns 

    As a generally youthful stage, Snapchat is always smoothing out bugs and including new elements. Continuously ensure you're utilizing the most a la mode form of the product. In case you're not, hit up your application store and download the most recent redesign.

    Like, at this moment. Proceed, I'll hold up. All set? Cool. Forward!

    Include your companions, DON'T import your contacts 

    Companions are awesome, right? You'll presumably be snapping to them the most. To discover them, you can have Snapchat filter your contacts and match telephone numbers to handles as of now in their framework... on the other hand, you can enter your companions' usernames physically.

    The recent system requires somewhat more exertion, yet you ought to totally do it. Else you'll be getting a huge amount of snaps from individuals you don't really think about. You can make your experience much more private by going to settings and changing "Who Can Send Me Snaps" from "Everybody" to "My Friends."

    Bear in mind the fundamental tenets of photography 

    There's no huge mystery snapping methodology - simply take photographs and recordings on Snapchat like you would on any camera. You have Instagram, correct? Same guidelines apply: abstain from shooting into direct daylight, guarantee that your subject is legitimately encircled, and keep the lens and amplifier unhampered.

    Use Wi-Fi... 

    Be cautioned: Snapchat eats a ton of information. A considerable measure. On the off chance that you have boundless information, this may not mean much to you, but rather for whatever is left of us laborers who don't, it's a passing sound. Maintain a strategic distance from overages and do however much snapping as could be expected while associated with Wi-Fi.

    Alternately Airplane Mode... 

    Past Wi-Fi's lenient grasp, you can set your telephone to Airplane Mode, and transfer your snaps as you typically would. Your photographs and recordings will line up for you to re-transfer once you discover Internet (simply tap the blunder symbol again to resend!).

    What's more, Travel Mode! 

    In the Settings menu (Profile > Settings > Manage Additional Services) is a switch for Travel Mode. Turn it on, and Snapchat won't naturally stack stories and snaps, which will spare you information. (Simply tap to load it, preferably once you're on Wi-Fi.)

    Paint to start with, include content last 

    Utilize the depiction capacity before you begin including words and emojis, in light of the fact that those will show up over your drawing. In case you're in-your-face, you can likewise snatch a stylus, which offers your paint some assistance with gaming enormously. I utilize these, however practically any good pen ought to work. Android clients may have styli as of now, and are geeks.

    Make content greater or littler 

    Sort something, tap the "T" tile in the upper right of your screen (tap once for left-adjusted content, twice for focus adjusted), then utilize a squeezing movement with your fingers to make the words greater or littler.

    Alter emoji sizes free of your content 

    See that freakin' magnificent maritime emoji mosaic up there? You can make one as well! Emojis can be written and resized autonomous of content, by utilizing that collapsed paper-square symbol in the corner. Resize them to your preferring utilizing the same squeeze system.

    Change your content hues 

    You can control the shade of each letter of content on your screen. Simply sort something, then tap it again to draw up the sliding shading range. On the off chance that you need to change the shade of only a few words, highlight them with your cursor, then slide the range to your fancied tint.

    Open the "mystery" hues! 

    Suppose you need to draw some highly contrasting treats, on the grounds that duh, they're delightful. You're going to need highly contrasting paint hues. In case you're utilizing an Android, you as of now have them. Congrats, geek. However, in the event that you're utilizing an iPhone, they're mysteriously absent on the paint range. But... they're there.

    Hold you're drawing finger on the shading bar in the upper right corner and drag it specifically to one side of your screen without breaking contact. See the shade get more white and more white? Blast. Do likewise, yet to the base of your screen, to utilize dark. Utilize the same system to get lighter and darker shades.

    Zoom in on the screen to include points of interest 

    Zooming in will in a split second enhance you're painting abilities, in light of the fact that you'll have the capacity to see what you're improving. Android clients can zoom as a default (NERDS), however on iPhone, your most logical option is to utilize a little hack (cap tip: Mike Platco.)

    Dive into your iPhone's menu (Settings > General > Accessibility) then look over the distance to the base to discover "Availability Shortcut." Select "Zoom."

    Presently, when you triple-tap the home catch, a zoomed-in board will show up. Whoa! You can pull it up in Snapchat while you're painting to complete that detail work.

    Add music to your recordings 

    You can soundtrack your video snaps by playing tunes from your favored music application out of sight while you shoot. Snapchat pushed a redesign that permits sound to play behind it (most applications interruption your music when you open them) so your receiver will get brilliant sound on whatever track you're playing.

    Turn on your channels 

    Snapchat has assembled in a cluster of little on-screen includes that can add connection and silliness to your snaps. To utilize them, go to your Settings, discover the part that says Additional Services, and tap Manage. Switch the flip menu to "on" and you ought to be good to go. Take a photograph or video, then swipe in either bearing to draw up the neighborhood time, temperature, and perhaps a geofilter or two. Which brings us to...

    Search for geofilters 

    Practically every significant city and college in the US has its own modified realistic you can swipe onto the screen. This is awesome for gloating about the excursion you're on, or how #blessed you feel to have such a charming main residence. Some of them are really smooth.

    Include tints or dark/white 

    There are three shading equalizations (in addition to the default) in which you can show your snaps. One is super-warm (think Valencia on Instagram); the following is exceptionally frosty and has just about a blue-ish shade; the third is high contrast. You can get to them successively by swiping.

    Do both in the meantime! 

    Draw up a geofilter or the time/temp, then hold your pointer down on that some portion of the screen. Presently swipe with your other pointer. You'll have the capacity to draw up the shading channels, while keeping the first channel on-screen.

    Utilize the new "lenses" (yet if it's not too much trouble not all that much)

    In case you're shaking the latest variant of the application - and you ought to be, on the grounds that what did I let you know toward the start of this story?! - you additionally have admittance to lenses.

    Set your camera to selfie mode and hold your finger down on the rough a portion of the screen where your face is shown. (This is a little janky, so you may need to attempt a couple of better places, however the sweet spot is in the center ish.)

    On the off chance that you did it right, you ought to see a line of toon face circles extend on a level plane over your screen. These are your lenses. Some will make your eyes look enormous and dreadful, while others offer little movements actuated when you raise your eyebrows or open your mouth.

    They're passingly diverting, yet they inspire old to get, so please. Utilize capably.
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    Fifa 16 Astuce Illimite Coins

    Exclusive Astuce FIFa 16 Hacking Cheated In your case
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    This mobile game is truly amazing and you must surely have broad parts after you can start to participate in the mobile video game. But the real reality happens to be the fact that you will definitely start to feel scarcity of resources especially after enjoying the game online for several hours. And if you still want to keep feeling the actual free mobile game by FIFA 16 free acquisition currency cheat, then you should remember to consider the use of FIFA 16 cheated. At this point, the query arises - what you need to do find the real hack?

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    FIFA 16 corners generator s' has a lot of benefits that you will certainly love. As indicated above, the particular application is actually free for each person. Another fantastic thing about this is that you will not need to submit almost any confidential information to obtain game points without costs as well as gold. The actual application also has an active protection system that allows you to get whatever is needed without requiring risk of being banned stay.
    However, we are in possession of some additional detail fantastic features in this tool that will surely surprise you and so continue reading. The most interesting feature on this FIFA 16 specific generator of the coin is that you are able to use the idea of ​​the previous types for this video game and it will also make a lot of coins. Automatic update feature is applied which means the truth that you will not need to consider a new tool following particular online game is actually updated.
    It certainly is an incredible opportunity, you should not miss. By using FIFA 16 hack you can easily get many coins and the more points you have to have in this specific mobile Thurs. You will meet not need to waste your money and you go so you can easily the happiness of the online business in particular. The online game is actually fantastic and we could allow it to become even better whenever the use of this software.
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